Mentor Server

MENTOR is one of our 3 AMD Opteron Servers. It is based on 4 x 2.1Ghz  AMD Sixteen-core Opteron Model 6272 processors, which yields 64 physical cores with a total of 128 GB of compute RAM.

Summary of technical data:

• 1 x Server AS-2042G-TRF
• 1 x Quad MBD-H8QGi-F Motherboard
• 1 x Redundant 1400W high-efficiency power supply with PMBus
• 4 x 2.1Ghz AMD Opteron Sixteen-Core Processor Model 6272
• 4 x Dynatron A6 2U&Up Server CPU Fan For AMD Socket G34 Opteron 6000 Series
• 1 x Western Digital 1TB SATA 3 7200 rpm 64MB Hard Drive
• 32 x Samsung DDR3-1333 4GB/512Mx72 ECC/REG Samsung Chip Server Memory
• 1 x PNY NVIDIA QUADRO 600 Video Card

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