Two Faculty Positions Are Currently Open in Mechanical Engineering

Two Faculty Positions Are Currently Open in Mechanical Engineering

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  • September 9, 2013
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The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Chile invites applications for two (2) full time tenure-track faculty positions in Mechanical Engineering. Applicants must have deep interest in undergraduate and graduate teaching, as well as the purpose to conduct long-term, externally funded research programs at international level. Candidates are also expected to maintain fruitful work relationships with industry in their respective areas. According to qualifications, they can be ranked at the Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor level.

Candidates are sought in two areas:
1. Metallic Materials: Applicants must have research interests in microstructure and its relation with metal alloys or metal composite materials, as well as strong knowledge on experimental techniques.

2. Renewable Energy: Applicants must have strong background on fluid mechanics and thermal sciences, and must demonstrate commitment to pursuing research in renewable energies such as solar, wind and tidal. 

Applicants must possess a Ph. D. degree with strong theoretical and practical abilities, a wide spectrum of interests and proven experience in research and a keen interest in teaching. Their research record must be attested by previous participation in externally funded research that has led to refereed journal articles.

General information: University of Chile was established in 1842 and is the best rated and largest university in the country. It is located in the capital, Santiago, a big modern city with mild climate and relatively low living costs. The Mechanical Engineering Department ( has well equipped facilities and a qualified academic staff. It conducts undergraduate and graduate programs and research in Fluid and Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer, Bioengineering, Energy Science and Engineering, Solid Mechanics, Materials and Manufacture.

For additional information about the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, please visit our web page

Application Deadline: October 11, 2013.

Applicants should send full curriculum vitae, a statement of professional and academic interests, a long term proposal of graduate and undergraduate teaching, copies of their most relevant publications, degree certificate, and three letters of reference from acknowledged experts in the field, to:

Dirección Académica y de Investigación,

Av. Beauchef Nº 850,
Torre Central 7º Piso, Casilla 2777,

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