Seminar: Stability of Vascular Growth and Remodeling

Laboratorio de Mecánica Aplicada y Computacional (CAMLab)

Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica

Universidad de Chile

Programa de Magíster en Ciencias de la Ingeniería, Mención Mecánica


Miércoles 2 de Octubre 2013, 14:30, Sala de Seminarios, 4to piso Torre Central

Stability of Vascular Growth and Remodeling

Dr.-Ing. Christian J. Cyron

Laboratory Associate, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Yale University, USA


For decades, the methods of computational mechanics were mainly applied to problems of classical engineering science. Thanks to advances in biomedical imaging and experimental techniques as well as the rapidly growing performance of computer hardware, these techniques are nowadays more and more utilized for the analysis of biological and biomechanical systems. Computational biomechanics has risen as a new sub-discipline and developed substantially, especially in the field of vascular biomechanics. There, a key difficulty is the intrinsic coupling of not only solid and fluid mechanics, but additionally mechanobiologically driven growth and remodeling, which allows for life-long adaptations of the vasculature according to physiological needs. In this presentation, a short introduction into vascular biomechanics and the idea to describe it by solid-fluid-growth models will be given. Subsequently, an only recently developed stability theory for this class of models will be presented whose results will be shown to be in good qualitative agreement with experimental and clinical findings for aneurysms, one of the most important causes of death.