Tag: nonlinear elasticity

On the behaviour of spherical inclusions in a cylinder under tension loads

Ingenius Vol. 19, 2018, pp. 69-78 S. Montero, R. Bustamante, A. Ortiz-Bernardin Abstract In the present paper the behaviour of a hyperelastic body is studied, considering the presence of one, two and more spherical inclusions, under the effect of an external tension load. The inclusions are modelled as nonlinear elastic bodies that undergo small strains….

Study of Some New Constitutive Laws for Elastic Bodies

2012 – 2015 Principal Investigator: Roger Bustamante. Co-Investigator: Alejandro Ortiz-Bernardin. Project funded by CONICYT-FONDECYT (Grant Nº 1120011) In the classical theory of continuum mechanics there are two concepts which are considered particularly important, namely stresses and strains. Even though, from an intuitive point of view, we would say that strains are ‘caused’ due to the presence…

Development and Assessment of An Efficient Numerical Method for Simulation of Nearly Incompressible Large Deformations Problems in Solid Mechanics

Principal Investigator: Alejandro Ortiz-Bernardin. In the era of simulation-based design, robust simulation tools are needed to efficiently analyze and accurately predict the performance of solids and structures for loadings and materials with large deformation response. Applications such as metal forming processes, kinematic response of soft biological tissues, earth moving and deep penetration in geotechnical/offshore engineering, and…