Paper Submitted: Meshfree Volume-Averaged Nodal Projection Method for Nearly-Incompressible Elasticity

A. Ortiz-Bernardin, J.S. Hale, C. J. Cyron, “Meshfree volume-averaged nodal projection method for nearly-incompressible elasticity,” submitted.


We present a displacement-based Galerkin meshfree method for the analysis of nearly-incompressible linear elastic solids, where low-order simplicial tessellations (i.e., 3-node triangular or 4-node tetrahedral meshes) are used as a background structure for numerical integration of the weak form integrals and to get the nodal information for the computation of the meshfree basis functions. In this approach, a volume-averaged nodal projection operator is constructed to project the dilatational strain into an approximation space of equal- or lower-order than the approximation space for the displacement field resulting in a locking-free method. The stability of the method is provided via bubble-like functions. Because the notion of an ‘element’ or ‘cell’ is not present in the computation of the meshfree basis functions such low-order tessellations can be used regardless of the order of the approximation spaces needed. First- and second-order meshfree basis functions are chosen as a particular case in the proposed method. Numerical examples are provided in two and three dimensions to demonstrate the robustness of the method and its ability to avoid volumetric locking in the nearly-incompressible regime.