Impact location and quantification on an aluminum sandwich panel using principal component analysis and linear approximation with maximum entropy

Entropy 2017, 19(4), 137

V. Meruane, P. Véliz, E. López DroguettA. Ortiz-Bernardin


To avoid structural failures it is of critical importance to detect, locate and quantify impact damage as soon as it occurs. This can be achieved by impact identification methodologies, which continuously monitor the structure, detecting, locating, and quantifying impacts as they occur. This article presents an improved impact identification algorithm that uses principal component analysis (PCA) to extract features from the monitored signals and an algorithm based on linear approximation with maximum entropy to estimate the impacts. The proposed methodology is validated with two experimental applications, which include an aluminum plate and an aluminum sandwich panel. The results are compared with those of other impact identification algorithms available in literature, demonstrating that the proposed method outperforms these algorithms.

Keywords: impact identification; barely visible impact damage; principal component analysis; linear approximation; maximum entropy; sandwich panel

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